What is SEO and why is it important for marketing?

It has been said many times, that in our age, in the so called “information society” where data transports itself throughout miles of distance in a matter of fractions of a second, not being in the web is like nonexistence. For a company nonexistence means failure. Not being easily findable on the web almost resembles not being present at all. As online-life becomes more integrated to our daily living experience, its money-generating potential becomes more obvious for companies and entrepreneurs, that’s why search engines play a critical role in publicity and promotion for any product or firm like www.rankno1.co.uk.

Search engines such as google and yahoo; have evolved in the recent years in accordance to this massive injection of capital in the web services. Nowadays, not like during the implementation of these search systems, the looking for a word, takes you to pages in which not only does that word appear but according to two basic criteria: relevance and
authority. Relevance has to do with the connection between the keywords of the search and the actual content of the page. Authority, on the other hand, is basically the popularity of the website, https://www.rankno1.co.uk/seo-web-design.html, measured by the many times its content
has been shared and as you might expect, the more popular the page gets, the more valuable its information is.

To understand properly what SEO (Searching Engine Optimization) actually means, you should examine the dynamics within the searching engines. That’s why you can actually divide SEO´s in two big groups, according to the principles of relevance and authority. The first group includes Onsite SEO: which deals with the relevance of the page, including keyword optimization and the general effort to make the page main contents understandable to the search engine. The next group is called Offsite SEO: this sort of optimization covers the aspects related to the authority (popularity) of the page that are external to the website, for instance presence in social media, quantity of links, link distribution, etc.

In conclusion SEO is critical for the success of any company’s web campaign and its strategies must be adapted to the evolution of search engines as well as the needs of the company. There can actually be Black-hat SEO: for instance spamming or cloacking, and any other strategy that you might not consider to be ethically questionable. On the other hand, there´s the White-hat SEO: Which would include any strategy ethically “clean”. Endorsed and promoted by https://www.rankno1.co.uk/seo/poole.html.